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Travel Teams


Ewing Township has a robust history with travel soccer programs.  We have programs for both boys and girls starting at age seven.  

Travel Try-Outs
Try-outs for our travel program are conducted each Spring in March or April.  Different sessions are held for each age group and children are evaluated by professional soccer trainers and travel coaches.

Families new to travel

How is travel soccer different than recreational soccer? 
Travel soccer is the next logical step for youth with some experience in soccer who are interested in more competitive, challenging soccer games.  Travel soccer can often be a year-round commitment (Spring, Summer and Fall seasons).
Travel soccer players play more games per year than recreational soccer.
Travel soccer players get more and better training.
Travel players compete with and against better players.
Travel soccer teams put a greater emphasis on winning.
Travel soccer is more costly than recreation soccer.

What would my family's time commitment be for Ewing travel soccer?
Depending on your team's choices, your team may practice twice a week and have a game once (or sometimes twice on a weekend).  Tournaments are optional based on your team’s preference.

How much would it cost for my child to participate in Ewing travel soccer?
It would depend on your team's choices, costs will include uniforms, trainers, tournament fees, team fees, etc. 

Would my child have to play both Spring and Fall seasons?
Travel teams improve because they train, learn and play together over time.  It is expected that your player would participate in the team as it develops for both Spring and Fall seasons. 

What teams would my child be playing?
Your team would decide which league they may be eligible for, either Central NJ or Southern NJ.  The choice depends on your team's ability and requires decisions around costs and travel distance.

What are tournaments like?
A tournament is a multi day, multi game event, usually over a weekend.  They are held on large fields divided into many smaller fields or sometimes held at different locations in a region. Often 2 to 4 games are played per team per day.  There are team costs for entry. 

Does my child need special equipment for practice or games? 
Soccer cleats, an appropriate sized ball for practice.  At games, the team will wear uniforms (shirt and shorts).  Layers for colder weather are necessary, water bottles, etc.

Who would be coaching/training my child?
Often coaches are volunteer parents who have been trained and certified in youth soccer rules and regulations.  Parents may also choose to hire for a coach or trainer (or both) to train their children. 

What does the ‘U' signify? 
U means "under", so as an example U8 means at the beginning of the registration all youths are 8 or under 8 years old on that team.

How far away would we be traveling for games?
Usually there are about 10 games per season - 5 away and 5 home.  Away games can be 1 hour away or more depending on the league your team joins.

How many practices a week would we have to attend?
Usually two, again depending on the team’s choice.

Do I have to be involved in fundraising?
Depending on the team’s choices, they can fundraise to cover costs associated with travel, they can seek out sponsors, or parents can pay fees themselves. 

How does my child get onto a travel team? 
Try-outs for our travel program are conducted in early Spring.  Different sessions are held for each age group and children are evaluated by professional soccer trainers and travel coaches.

General travel soccer questions should be directed to the EUSA Board at [email protected]