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Information for Parents

Ewing United Soccer Association (EUSA) is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization with a mission to provide a safe, fulfilling and nurturing environment for children to play recreational and travel soccer in Ewing Township.

EUSA provides several programs:

1. A Spring Training season for all children ages 4-17 to teach ball skills, basic soccer concepts, and to continue improving by having additional exposure to soccer practices and games. The Spring 2022 season will include Little Kickers (4 years old), Big Kickers (5 years old), Division 4 (6-7 years old) programs and Divisions 3, 2 & 1 for children ages 8 years and older. EUSA provides trainers and coaches to teach the players. You can find more information about the program here.

2. Summer Nights - new in 2021! Pick-up style sessions for 6 weeks - more information with specific days and times to come soon! Coaches are provided for organizational and safety purposes for the younger children. Older children will be taught how to play pick-up style on the honor system. 

3. A Fall Recreational season for children 4 to 18 years old. We continue our Little (4 years old) and Big (5 years old) Kickers Training, but also have four divisions for team play with referees and coaches - Division 4 (6-7 year  olds), Division 3 (8-10 year olds), Division 2 (Middle School) and Division 1 (High School). Division sessions are split between training/ball skills and games. 

4. EUSA has partnered with Ewing Recreation Department this Winter to facilitate an Indoor Season. Pick-up style games are held once per week on Sunday afternoons, for children ages 6 and older. The Little Kickers (4 years old) and Big Kickers (5 years old) Trainings are offered as well on Sunday afternoons. 

5. We are building our travel program and are recruiting players interested in playing travel ball. We currently have a U10 coed travel team practicing on Friday nights from 6 - 7 pm. Please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in having your child play travel. 

What does my child need to play Soccer?
- EUSA will provide a t-shirt and socks.
- You must provide shin guards and cleats are recommended for outdoor play
           -Cleats are not allowed when we have indoor (turf) games, practices or trainings
- In warmer weather, players should wear shorts, soccer cleats and shin guards and bring a water bottle. 
- In cooler weather, long sleeve shirts and leggings worn under the uniform or a sweatshirt (no hoodies).
- Please bring water and a soccer ball for your child. 

Please note the following important safety rules to ensure all children play in a safe environment:
- If your child wears glasses they will need protective eye wear ("rec specs").
- No earrings or jewelry are permitted. It is not acceptable to tape over earrings.

Games and practices will be scheduled regardless of weather.  In the case of standing water on the fields, games can be postponed.  We will notify all families as quickly as we can via e-mail and post messages on social media.

Code of Conduct
Most of our athletes, coaches and parents are excellent, but occasionally we do have issues with conduct on the field. We require all families registering players to sign a Code of Conduct form that pertains to the athletes, as well as spectators where an EUSA event is taking place. We have zero tolerance for abuse of any athlete, coach, referee, or spectator. You can read the Code of Conduct form here.

Field Directory


Municipal Complex

Jake Garzio Dr. Ewing New Jersey United States 08628

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Tank Field 1

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Tank Field 2

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Kickers 1

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Lit Field

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Scott Field 1

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Scott Field 2

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Kickers 2

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Kickers 3

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Kickers 4

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Upper Field 1

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Lit Field - Area 1

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Lit Field - Area 2

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Lit Field - Area 3

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Lit Field - Area 4

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LiMato Fields

Chief William Forst Ln. Ewing New Jersey United States 08628

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West End Fields

1320 Parkway Ave. Ewing New Jersey United States 08628

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Bear Tavern Elementary School

1162 Bear Tavern Rd Titusville New Jersey United States 08560

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Ewing Senior & Community Center (ESCC)

999 Lower Ferry Rd Ewing New Jersey United States 08628

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Field 1

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Field 2

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Youth Benefits

WHY Should Children Play Soccer?

Great article:
Becoming fit
Making friends
Broadening their horizons
Curing boredom
Forging bonds

What Parents Can Do
  • Talk positively with their children before and after activities
  • Supply transportation
  • Assist with supervision
  • Officiate games
  • Help with administration
  • Assist with the organization of special events
For Your Children, Truths & Motives for Participation
1. Have fun and to enjoy participating in sport.
2. Learn new skills and to improve on existing sports skills.
3. Become physically fit and to enjoy good health
4. Enjoy the challenge and excitement of sports participation and competition.
5. Enjoy a team atmosphere and to be with friends.
Suggestions for Parents
  • Remember the truths and talk to your children with them in mind. After a game, ask questions about funskill improvementlearning experiences and having a good time with friends.
  • See yourself as part of the team and supportive of the coach; avoid setting up a conflict in your child's mind between his or her parents and coaches. If you want to affect the coaching, volunteer to help.
  • Develop perspective: remember what you could do at your children's ages; don't judge them by what you can do now. Kids will not become great players overnight.
  • Develop an understanding of what your children want from sports—not all children want the same things. Determine if they want to be involved at all.
"Winning isn't everything, but trying to is!" – Rainer Martens, sports psychologist